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A New New Year’s Story

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

The very-soon-to-be-released Spring 2012 issue of Professional Lighting & Production includes a feature story on the annual New Year’s Eve broadcast from Halifax’s Grand Parade Square by CTV Atlantic. It’s a cool project that relies heavily on the small broadcaster’s in-house resources to pull off, and comes off looking like a far more high-budget project than it is (which is the ultimate goal of any production, provided “high-budget” is synonymous with “great looking”).

In any case, it reminded me that our Spring 2011 issue also included a story on a New Year’s Eve event – the Marina Bay festivities from Singapore (pictured). See the colour on the water? That’s thousands of “wishing spheres,” buoyand in the bay and illuminated from above.

Two very different projects (with two EXTREMELY different budgets) that both came together thanks to the creative thinking of some key lighting and video personnel. Keep an eye for the Spring 2012 issue, and if you have it, take a look back at the Spring 2011 issue for some damn impressive visuals.

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