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SPMTE Toronto Puts Out Call for Papers for Technical Seminar

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

SMPTE TorontoThe Toronto Section of SMPTE has put out a call for papers for its biennial technical seminar, June 21-22, 2016. With the rapid and wide-ranging changes taking place in pixels and packets delivery, the theme for this year’s seminar focuses on exploring UHD, HDR, and Live IP technologies and techniques.

SMPTE is inviting professionals to deliver a presentation on a topic they feel is relevant to the theme.

Here are a few topical suggestions:

  • Image Acquisition
  • UHD: Bigger, Better, Faster Pixels
  • Color and Dynamic Range Management
  • Standards for UHD and IP
  • IP technologies for live production
  • Post Production workflows
  • Dealing with SD and HD in a UHD world

Those interested are invited to submit one or more brief abstract(s), limited to 250 words, outlining the topic to be covered and paper title, illustrating the proposed breadth and depth of the content. The presentation delivery time should be between 30 or 60 minutes in length including an opportunity for attendee Q&A. Submission of an abstract implies the presenter’s ability to attend and deliver the presentation. Remote presentation (via internet) will be considered if proposed in the abstract submission.

Abstracts must include presenter’s name, title, company, mailing address, telephone, and e-mail address.

Abstracts are due on or before Friday, 22 April.

Notification of acceptance will be provided by Friday, 6 May 2016. Finalized presentations are to be submitted for review by Friday, 27 May.

Presenters will be welcome to attend the BootCamp VII in thanks for their contribution

Abstracts should be sent to

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