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“Whose Show is it Anyway?” Seminar by Deborah Osborne Announced for LDI 2015

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Deborah OsborneCanadian production planning executive Deborah Osborne has announced that she will be giving a presentation during the LDI Show later this month in Las Vegas.

The session will be held Friday, Oct. 23 in room N256 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here is the description:

“Whose Show is it Anyway?” Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology – Opportunities and Challenges in Recording and Broadcast Stage Productions

When recording stage productions, managing expectations of theatre production staff, crew, performers and creative departments add many responsibilities to production managers and technical directors. What does this ‘convergence’ mean to the live performance process? Do roles and responsibilities change? How is success measured? Are the creative goals at odds with technical realities? Examine the nuts and bolts of converged production from the perspective of the production manager and technical director. Production ‘communities’ will be defined, differences and similarities between stage and screen aspects and workflows will be reviewed, and all manner of detail, scenarios and nuance will be discussed. When interaction beyond existing boundaries is achieved, theatre and media crew can fully contribute to a successful, enjoyable experience. Case studies will be used; shared experiences and participation will be encouraged for hearty discussion.

LDI 2015 will be taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Oct. 19-25. For more information, go to

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