February Freeze Gets Re-Energized in its 14th Year

Monday, February 9th, 2015

FebFreeze 1Last week, William F. White hosted its annual February Freeze trade show at its headquarters in Toronto. Typically organized as a pre-NAB sales-oriented trade show, the 2015 edition displayed a change of scope and feel. This year, taking advantage of the space afforded by the William F. White Centre facilities, February Freeze turned its attention to the rental and production branches of the business by showing off the company’s latest product acquisitions.

“We have the space and the building that allowed us to expand the show. Plus, this year, as opposed to being a sales show, it’s really a Whites Rental show, White Location Equipment Supply, and Whites Telescopic Camera Crane,” WFW CEO and Chairman Paul Bronfman told PL&P.


FebFreeze 2WFW Director of Marketing and Communications, Lowell Schrieder, tells PL&P that the show attracted nearly 400 people throughout the evening. This is a record number of attendees for February Freeze, which is now in its 14th year. Lending to the re-energized feel of the show were aerial acrobatics performers, an open wine and drinks bar and plenty of food, and, most importantly, hands-on demos of the latest products in the WFW arsenal.


“That was definitely the intention,” adds Bronfman of the vitalized feeling of the show. “We don’t want to get too comfortable with what we’re already doing. It’s always good to challenge ourselves with some new initiatives. Certainly this show was a challenge to put together because we’re trying to run a business and put together a trade show and so our employees have been burning the midnight oil. But we’re so lucky in this company; these employees are really the best. I’m so proud of our people. They’re the biggest asset we have.”
FebFreeze 4As well, speaking to WFW’s recent $15 million investment in new production equipment and technologies, Bronfman explains, “We’ve been reinvesting all of our profits since 2010 but the last two years, we’ve at least doubled our capitals expenditures. There wasn’t any particular methodology in terms of timing. We felt about two years ago that there was an opportunity for us to expand our product offerings and our competitors were focused on other things. They’re a good company, too, but what we’ve decided to do, rather than branching out in some vertical integration, we want to be the leading the company for offering different products and differentiate ourselves from any other competitor out there. So we’re very focused on building the business from the core out and not get into businesses that we can’t be the leaders in.”


For more information, contact William F. White: 416-239-5050, www.whites.com, www.februaryfreeze.com.

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